Innovation. Excellence. Forward.

We build robust, flexible, efficient IT solutions and products.

Who We Are

Strong. Robust. Secure.

We build, flexible, efficient IT solutions and products that are innovative and revoluntionary.

Our Services


We are a global technology
company headquartered in New Jersey with offices in USA and India.

Who We Are

We build world class products and IT Solutions.


We are innovative architects who strive to build products that make a lasting effect on the business and real world.

Technology Services

MANTRA has a proven track record in helping clients achieve their technology goals.

From Scratch

We have built several complex systems most of them from ground up.


MANTRA believes in collaborative efforts with the client’s business team and is one of the reasons we believe we are so successful.

What We Do

MANTRA has helped develop sound IT Strategies for clients to achieve their technology objectives. MANTRA builds robust, flexible, efficient IT solutions and products that are innovative and revolutionary.

Product Development

At MANTRA, we are always teeming with ideas - ideas that make a mark in the business world and in extension the real world.

IT Consulting

For over ten years, MANTRA has helped develop sound IT Strategies for clients to achieve their technology objectives.

Open Source Discovery

We use our expertise to accelerate product development and leverage our knowledge repertoire to provide huge cost savings.

Data Analytics

Our team has extensive experience working with data and transforming it into information that creates an edge to our customers.

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Client Testimonials

Jen Curran

M&E Technical Specialist, MEASURE Evaluation, UNC-Chapel Hill

I have worked with Mantra Solutions for the past three years, having subcontracted them to build a mobile-phone based application to collect and exchange information for a USAID funded project in Southern Africa. I approached Mantra Solutions with a very specific set of expectations and specifications for our application and also with a limited and strict budget. We were in need of an application able to run on various platforms, be sustainable, and be inexpensive to operate. Additionally, we required a dashboard for viewing specific statistics of the program for which we were collecting data as well as a live ‘data feed’ to be able to monitor data and be able to act quickly if there were aberrations in this data. Mantra Solutions delivered all of the solutions we desired, on time and within budget and were able to pivot quickly if we saw something in the field that we needed to change. Impeccable attention to detail was paid to each and every specification and the Mantra Team would always call, email and/or chat to confirm details, any changes, and to help us walk through the changes step by step. At times we required almost impossible things under impossible circumstances and the Mantra team always delivered and were there to support around the clock.

John M.Capozzi

President, JMC Marketing Services

I have worked with MANTRA Solutions Inc. for over eight years. I ran several companies in Connecticut and MANTRA performed all of our IT work. When we moved the company to the Sarasota, FL area, we were able to continue working with MANTRA via their ability to access our computers remotely. They have built several websites for us over the years and have also created several ecommerce programs. I did project work for President Bush (41) and am a business partner of Colin Powell’s having been one of the original founders of Americas Promise that was chaired by Colin. Currently a work with many military support organizations and The National Defense Radio program to assist in a reduction of our military suicide rate. I just put President Bush (43) on that program. However, it would be impossible for us to do what we do without the IT systems that were built and maintained by MANTRA. I cannot recommend them more. They are certainly a quality firm.

Our Team

Our technical team is constantly moving the bar upwards with what can be achieved through technical innovation and entrepreneurial enterprise.

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  • Cross-Platform Expertise
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  • Detail Oriented
  • Data Focussed
  • Customer Centric